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When the Skies Fall
He’s falling.
His body is like a dead weight against the wind, and he’s just falling. The ground comes up fast. Too fast, and his breath catches as he squeezes his eyes shut tight.
His chest tightens with fear but impact seems to never come. His arms shake and he is gently laid to the ground as if somebody cradled him like a delicate doll. He shudders against the cold concrete, his body suddenly going cold and trying to roll up in on himself, fingers clutching tightly. A grip takes a hold of his chest, keeping it tightly locked together as another sews it shut that way with the thread of reality.
So lonesome.
Abandoned because of his heart.
Left to die on the earth full of devils and one angel.
One angel who never knew.
But yet stroke him down with the arrow of cupid, a deadly weapon among the strange planet.
He’s surprised to jolt awake in his nest of pillows, blankets, and really anything soft he could sneak away from the hawk gaze and quick reaction, his brother ha
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Hide and Seek ~ Chapter One ~
"Psssst, Matthew, come here!" Hushed light voices trickled through the dense over growth of grass and what not. A boy, about the age of eight perked up at his name and struggled his way over to another who sat there, his hands cupped around something.
"Alfred...if that is another one of those creepy animals I will tell Papa on you!" He threatened, tears already trying to accumulate in his eyes. The other boy laughed almost falling back onto the grass as he leaned back to let out an obnoxious laugh.
"That was a month ago Matthew! I would think you would've let that go by now, and besides, your 'Papa' can't do anything to me!" He huffed, his vibrant blue eyes filled with amusement. Matthew stalled and sighed.
"Alright, then what is it?" He asked curiously as he inched closer. Alfred's smile widened noticeably and he opened his ungloved hands to reveal a flower. Matthew giggled and leaned closer but stopped as he noticed the other's hands were ungloved.
" know better than to-
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Hide and Seek ~ Prologue ~
Gloves hit the table, hands clenched around them and sneers and snickers all around. The small scent of smoke added to the bar like surroundings. Smirks and whispers were exchanged as well as numbers.
"So~ Kirkland, Heard you took in another worker~" Came a rush of words, those words that broke the silence. The blonde the sentence was directed at smirked, his gloved hands currently taking place inside his pockets.
"Ah yes, he's strong willed and very feisty." He smiled boasting about the child he had recently taken under his wing. The other male smiled lightly, his blue eyes lighting up at the thought.
"Huh~ Wish I had him, mine still needs a nice taking to the whole idea." He admitted. The male who had been addressed as Kirkland laughed removing his gloved hands long enough to brush aside some of his hair.
"Ah, that's much better then having to break them of their spirit, but it must be done." He sighed rolling his eyes lightly.
"What are you two blabbering about? My new worker doesn'
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13 Horses
"Emil…listen to me…."
"No! Leave me alone!"
"Go die! I hate you!"
"Emil…." He couldn't do anything but stand there and watch as the little Silverlette race off in anger. He never meant…he never….he just never wanted to hurt him…he promised.
"Lukas calm down, he's a kid, he'll come right back to see ya before we leave." Mathias reassured as he carried along a sack of much need flower. Lukas turned his face still emotionless.
"I know…" He said quietly. The Dane gave him a sympathetic look before heaving the flower further up onto his shoulder and carrying it aboard the ship. Lukas never liked the Dane, hell, the first time they met it wasn't a friendly encounter between the two, but after a while he got used to his stupidity. Right now he tried to calm himself by taking a deep breath. Soon enough he would be leaving. He would be leaving Emil. God he didn't want to leave the child, he loved him so much, he promised him….that's what hu
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1. "For France!" (Run to the front, stop, drop the ball and then sprint to the back.)
2. "For China!" (Roll the ball to the other team and insist they pay you back later.)
3. "For Russia!" (Casually walk to the other side, and throw balls at your previous team.)
4. "For Germany!" (Throw balls at everyone, friend or foe.)
5. "For Japan!" followed by such things as "Bonsai!" and "Death before dishonor!" (Charge onto the other side while chucking balls, and end with tackling the teams best player.)
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Circles USUK
Take my hand lets go, somewhere we can rest our souls~
"Artie?" A small voice piped up. The blonde turned and smiled.
"Yes America?" He asked the younger nation. America smiled skipping along trying to keep pace with Arthur.
"We are we headed?" He asked excitedly. Arthur smiled.
"It's a secret." He replied. Actually it wasn't. He had no clue either, but he knew they'd come across something, besides, nature was full of surprises, most of them magical.
"Awwww, please! I'll still act surprised, please Engwand!" The young country begged. England chuckled and shook his head only replying as he took the boy's small hand into his, and continued to lead him onward.
We'll sit where it's warm. You say "look we're here alone." ~
"Shh, rest for a bit." England cooed wrapping a lock of blonde hair around his index finger and letting it go. Alfred laid in the older nations lap his breath slowing down as he drifted into a light sleep. England gazed at the small boy that laid across his lap and sighed
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What is this?!
Cleverbot: I am from Slovakia. Where are you from?
Me: Russia's pants O.O
Cleverbot: It's cold there.
Me: What do you think of PruCan?
Cleverbot: That it's a country.
Me: Yeah....So what about PruIta then?????
Cleverbot: You should consider yourself lucky.
Me: Then what do you consider PruIta?
Cleverbot: It's hard to think about....
Me: Oh okay then are you a ItaPan lover then?
Cleverbot: My house...
Cleverbot: I wonder about their future....
Me: Uhm...what about Rochu while we're at it???
Cleverbot: Rock music?
Cleverbot: That's not in scotland....
Me: you know canada?
Cleverbot: America?
Me: No, canada...
Cleverbot: America?
Cleverbot: Canada, Mathew willams?
Me: So you do know him!
Cleverbot: Who????
Me: What about Russia then?
Cleverbot: It's big and north of here.
Me: Uh...............
Cleverbot: Of course i am.
Me: Okay how about UsUk???
Cleverbot: Now what?
Me: UsUk the pairing!
Cleverbot: .......
Me: UsUk
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Dark Hetalia chp.1
"Iceland! Get back over here!" A blonde whined stomping her feet around playfully. Obeying Iceland raced over to her sibling a smiled pasted onto her face.
"Huh?" She asked. Her sister laughed and hugged her and soon they were both laughing excitedly.
"Eh, stop that, it's getting a little weird you two." Someone called. He had dark blonde hair and was bent over trying to move a piece of luggage. The two both laughed again and apologized.
"Here you need some help with these?" The blonde asked trying to help pick it up. The guy glanced over and grunted.
"I can do it Greenland." He sighed. She laughed getting the message and backed away from it.
"Wow, hey Iceland since when did Denmark get…" She started to whisper into her siblings ear.
"Over dramatic?" She asked finishing the sentence. The two both looked at each other and burst out laughing. Denmark let out a satisfied sigh as he slammed the door shut.
"Okay that's done and over with, now are you two coming or staying here?" He ask
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Dark Hetalia Prologue
Light shades of pink and grey shaded the sky and flooded into the hallways of Hetalia High. Foot steps paced the hall ways even though the place was practically deserted. Breath came out slow and steady as they paced the hallways looking for someone in particular. It was one of the students that attended, well anyone of them. For the past week surprisingly the teachers kept on finding blood written on the wall and the carcass of the animal right next to the writing, and of course each time the wording became more creepier and the animals soon escalated to the last one which had been a raccoon. One of the teachers sighed glancing around. He had dark chocolate brown hair and matching dark blue eyes. Again there was nothing but quiet that surrounded the school. He muttered a few words and looked around trying to find another teacher who might be around somewhere. Suddenly the was a loud gunshot and shouting. The teacher scurried down the hall towards the loud commotion and came to a compl
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Mature content
SkagenXRonne~ :iconmozesandme:mozesandme 0 0
Mature content
Sugar Sweet :iconmozesandme:mozesandme 0 0
I jolted awake my breaths labored as the wounds stung at my side. I had fell…No. More like toppled to the ground and received a mouth full of murky liquid. I had struggled up….but it was to late by then…the battle was over and I had fallen weather I saw to it one way or not. I let out a couple of deep breaths my vision roaming around the room. It had started to become dark and the room was a stiff grey. I sighed and shifted relieving my wounds of extra unneeded pain. I sighed as the door creaked open and one of the guard's faces appeared.
"Maim, your bath is waiting…" He whispered. I grumbled rolling my eyes.
"You expect me to treat myself to my enemies goods? I don't thinks so!" I snapped lurching forwards but stopped pain searing up my right side. The guard's facial expression hardened.
"Maim I'm afraid we have the orders to force you to have a bath, so you can take one willingly or we will force you…" He grumbled. I turned the thought over in my head and shi
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I hadn't realized it but soon I was sitting there curled up in the corner….Blood and mud plastered to my tunic and long shorts….that I was falling asleep. I struggled upright and refused for the darkness to shroud my mind, but soon it was forced upon me. I grunted half hardily and let out a deep breath feeling slight content….that is until the nightmare relayed. I was racing….near me I caught a glimpse of a familiar white tousle of hair. I scrambled over the mud slipping a bit. It was my sister….my sibling. She let out a yowl and charged at a soldier attacking them. I turned quickly just as a bullet grazed my shoulder and let out a gasp as a soldier gained on me quickly. I ran. Yes I ran…but if you haven't figured by now I don't have strength I was only blessed with speed….so therefore I raced off but quickly turned bashing the butt of my gun into their forehead. Flinching hearing a loud crack and a ear-splintering scream escape the man's mouth I race
:iconmozesandme:mozesandme 1 11
~~~~~~~~~~~I was horrified. I was never shot down……Until now… it was me against him and even though he was smaller…..he was stronger….he had taken me with one blow, and sadly that's all that took for me to fall to his feet licking up murky mud. One blow and I had fallen….what a shame…..What….. A……..Shame……~~~~~~~~~~~
      I struggled to my feet lazily and challenged him with a nice glare. But again his features didn't change. Not one bit! He just stared on back. No puzzlement…No trace of worry or regret…or even labored breath! I shook my head again. Looking from my point of view it had seemed like it took nothing. He spoke but no noise reached my ears, they were still deafened by the echoes of the dieing soldiers and battle cries that had torn the air into half with it's furry. The acrid stench of blood seemed to claw it's way into my lungs as I took light shallow breaths trying to
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Mature content
Another hetalia meme :iconmozesandme:mozesandme 2 10
Mature content
HETALIA MEME :iconmozesandme:mozesandme 1 0
it may not be good!


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Hey guys, I know I keep disappearing a lot but I keep moving and highschool isn't giving me that much time. Well now it has!!!!
I am back almost full time now!! And I intend to work on my writing skills once again!!! So I'm taking free requests on fan fiction or small prompts with your own original characters and etc...
Now, I do have to lay out some ground rules for this:

1. These fics are not going to be extremely lengthy, but it won't be short either, so it will be of adequate length, unless I make an exception depending on the plot and etc.

2. I will do sexual themes but I do limit it at physical abuse, sexual abuse, and any form of abuse actually, unless it is only hinted at in the fic!

So far that's the only rules I have, unless something else comes up...Though please keep in mind that writing a good story takes a while, including school, work and etc so please be patient with me, but I'll always be happy to send the current work to you if you wish. Also be nice, if you are rude or mean in any way, I will not finish the fic and will not take any other requests either. I am human as well.


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